Commercial Properties

Whether you currently own an existing commercial property, are looking to purchase one or intend to develop we have the skills ensure you know your responsibilities under the Building Regulations for commercial property in Victoria.

We employ a team of Building Surveyors and Inspectors with extensive experience and resources to benefit your next project. We pride ourselves on service. We aim to give you the benefit of our experience so you don’t just get a piece of paper, you get the whole package.

Review our Building Permits page or forms for more information or bring in your plans and sit down with an experienced Surveyor in our office so we can get you on site sooner.


To meet your obligations we suggest you engage Yarra Building Surveyor Group Pty Ltd to audit and set up a complete program to essential safety measures.


All building owners must fulfill their regulatory responsibilities to ensure their building is maintained.


Essential Safety Measures are fire and safety equipment and systems installed in building to ensure adequate safety for all occupants and includes all the traditional services.


All essential safety measures must be maintained to the same level of operation as at the time of installation and commissioning.


Owners must ensure they have a program of inspections, testing and preventative maintenance in place to meet the essential safety measures maintenance legislative requirements.