Liquor Licensing

Yarra Building Surveyor Group specialise in providing Liquor License Assessments for all types of Liquor Licence applications, from nightclubs to cafe’s and local sporting clubs.

Our skilled inspectors and surveyors will conduct an on-site assessment of your premises in order to ascertain the serviceable floor areas and amenities that you have available. This enables us to calculate and report on the maximum number of patrons allowed on the premises as per the requirements on the Building Code of Australia and VCGLR’s requirements.

*Please note that it is important to first obtain planning permission from local council, if required, as restrictions may apply to your premises under local planning zones.

For more information regarding Liquor Licenses please visit the VCGLR website.


To meet your obligations we suggest you engage Yarra Building Surveyor Group Pty Ltd to audit and set up a complete program to essential safety measures.


All building owners must fulfill their regulatory responsibilities to ensure their building is maintained.


Essential Safety Measures are fire and safety equipment and systems installed in building to ensure adequate safety for all occupants and includes all the traditional services.


All essential safety measures must be maintained to the same level of operation as at the time of installation and commissioning.


Owners must ensure they have a program of inspections, testing and preventative maintenance in place to meet the essential safety measures maintenance legislative requirements.